Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mr Sweney (Honey making)

Mr Sweney came to tell us about how bees
make honey and what it tastes like
fresh. He showed us some dead bees also and
we got to hold them. In this photo  Mr Sweney  is
standing by the honey extractor.He used an electrically
heated knife to take the wax cappings off.He let us
all turn the handle of the extractor. The honey
spins out, hits the side and flows down to the
bottom. The honey tasted pretty good.
Reporters Sam, JK and Rhys.


  1. the honey taste sweet......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

  2. The room smellt amazing when we walked in, and the honey was delicious. Did you know that it takes one worker bee over 60 hours to make a teaspoon full of honey ?? WoW, and takes me about 10 seconds to eat it! Thanks honeybee!
    Great blog room 5, spreading the word!

  3. Taylor`s mum sharon15 June 2011 at 1:03 pm

    We are very lucky to be able to buy Bells honey in Twizel, it is so yummyyyyyyy