Tuesday, 23 September 2014

 WHOOOOAH ! We  have  not  Blogged  since  March  [ The  Maadi  Cup ] and  we  have  done  sooo much  since  then!.
    At  the  moment  Room  5  students  are  working  hard  at    composing  catch- ups  so  watch  this  space.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Maadi cup

Today we have been doing writing about the  Maadi  cup. At the moment there are over 2000 rowers from secondary schools all over New Zealand  in Twizel  for the Maddi cup. so Twizel's   population is more than double at the moment .We have made  posters and singlets for every school rowing  and we're putting  them up around Twizel  town square, in the shop windows. The Maadi Cup originated in Egypt during WW2, when members of the second NZEF based at Maadi Camp, competed in regattas against local Egyptian rowing clubs.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Special Visitor!

In Week 5 of this year we had a visitor who  came all the way from SWITZERLAND!  He is a musician and his name is Jan. He is very creative with his music. He plays the Trombone, Harmonica, Ukelele and he also  has a Looper.

He came and took us in groups into Room 6. He taught us how to beatbox for his tune and he told us to say "Don'T CheaT" and   also" Don'T eaT" :) [ but don't stop eating!] ;) Here are some pictures of Jan with us! :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Here we are , at the end of Day 1, Week 3. Swimming is going very well although the pool temperature has dropped a few degrees.  We hope it doesn't drop too much more before our Swimming display on the 28 February!
Today we did a timeline about The Treaty of Waitangi , + before and after and discovered some interesting facts surrounding it...
.eg  * The first New Zealand Company ship , the "Tory", set sail from Britain in May 1839.,
      *  In 1814  Reverend Samuel Marsden preached the first sermon in New Zealand  on Christmas Day and the local chief, Ruatara interpreted the sermon for the Maori people. This year marks 200 years since this happened and throughout New Zealand  there are happenings/ celebrations planned to commemorate it.
We are beginning to draw our portraits too....quite a challenge!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Welcome Room 5 to 2014

The year started off very well, for Room 5 and the rest of the school .   We were privileged  to have a visit to our local Marae where Komene performed a challenge  and Mr. Feasey accepted it. Later we went to the Twizel Event Centre to take part in several work shops....Poi, Waiata, Haka and Rakau. It was GREAT fun and we learned heaps!!