Thursday, 9 June 2011

Matariki Newspapers

On the 2nd of June it was Matariki. Room 5 were given some newspapers on Matariki to read and fill in the challenging questions. Room 5 students worked together with the buddy that  they sit next to, like these two students Holly and Josh. Matariki is the New Maori Year,when seven stars can be seen in the sky. There are several Maori legends about the seven stars of Matariki. The Greek call Matariki the Pleiades. The Japanese call it the Subaru. Arcording to the Maori there are two meanings for Matariki, tiny eyes (mata riki) or eyes of God (mata ariki.) -Reporters Roshni and Briar.    


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  1. well done room 5 and good to see holly working