Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Room 5 camp

On the the 14th of November Room 5 students went to camp at Lake Middleton. We stayed there from the 14th to the 16th.

At Lake Middleton we did activities like: swimming, boating and biscuiting, kayaking, boiling the billy, had a camp concert, played T-ball and lots of other things.

Kayas favourite part of the camp was watching Mrs Sweney and Maddy going on the biscuit!
Morgans favourite part was boiling the billy in a different way.

We had tent groups. The names of the tent groups were: The Twizel Ferns, The Four Directions, The Ted Bear Survival Group, The Hillbillies, The Huggies and The Oompaloompas. Some people slept in the cabin and the other people slept in tents.

A big thanks to all the parents helpers and Mr and Mrs Sweney.
Room 5 had a great time!

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