Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Art and PE

Hello we are reporting from the class room known as Room 5.

For the past term we have been doing art. For art we had to make a clay house.

Last term we started doing our clay houses.Most people started their clay houses, but some didn't finish planning theirs so they just painted a picture of their dream house.

This week we are about to varnish our houses.

The steps for making our clay houses were:* Step 1. Start planning your dream house on paper.* Step 2. Make your clay into the right shapes.* Step 3.Attach the pieces together * Step 4.Put the creations in the kiln. Voila... your clay house!            
This picture [under Tyra's house] is Morgan kicking the ball.
We did soccer for P.E. on the huge school field.The task was to buddy up with a friend and practise kicking the ball to each other.
This report was done by JAYDE and CORBYN!

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