Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pontoon technics

Yesturday Room 5 students had a task to make a pontoon with the technics. We had to design it so it could carry soldiers from their battle ships to the shore. We had to remember that it was very hot so we needed to add a shelter. We also needed to think about shelter from the Turks bullets. The pontoons had to be able to fit at least 40 to 50 soldiers on it. Some people added paddles so that the soldiers could row themselves to shore. Other people made paddle boats.
By Morgan and Nikau


  1. Well done Room 5! You designed thoughtfully and created some very good models! Mrs S.

    1. Nice Work Room5 I Really Enjoyed Doing The Models And Have Got Lots Of Memory !!! Have Fun And See Ya All Soon... YAY The Holidays Are On Friday Yay!!!!