Thursday, 29 March 2012

GATE challenge

On Wednesday a group of Year Six and Seven students, [including Morgan, Crystal and Corbyn from our class] got together to complete a maths challenge. Our challenge was to figure out the link between Fibonacci, sunflowers and Palazetto Dello sport stadium. We found out that the link between the three was all to do with the Fibonacci sequence. Mr Fibonacci was a mathematician and found out the sequence that he invented normally always occurred in nature. The pattern of a sunflower's inside follows the sequence.
 After we had found the link between those three things we had to add two more things onto the list. The two  that we added to the list were roses and pinecones. We shared with Room 5 after we had finished.

 At two O'clock children from other schools including us shared on a video conference, what we had found out in the challenge.

Pine cone.

  Find the similarities betwen these!