Monday, 1 August 2011

Fantastic Fantasy Brought to Life!!!

Crim and Nal [Liam Stewart and Josh Nelson]
 measure up Betty Luck {Rebecca Doherty}

Room 5 villagers thought "beating up
dragons would be lots of fun!"

"George and the Dragon" was an amazing production performed ,during Week 11 of Term 2, by students of Twizel Area School! They sang, danced, recited and delivered their lines brilliantly. Audiences , over 3 nights, were enthralled and performers had a fantastic time as they entertained whanau and friends. Well done!

Sir Fred(Josh CB)leapt very high to avoid the sharp, swishing
sword of Drag Justice Kirkwood!

Poor town-cryer(Finn Allerston) had a woeful time as a result of delivering his "news" to the crowds.

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