Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So Much Paper Mashe All Over You

This is Bailey Cutting and Brooke Rabbidge at Mr White's wood work room, making a big rock for the Twizel Area School production. The production is called George and the Dragon. There were 5 people working on the rock. There are 4 steps;
  • You had to screw up newspaper then put it in the wire and wood frame of the rock.
  • Next you had to paper mache the rock with really sticky glue and newspaper.
  • Then when you were finished  you would paint the first layer of white then maybe another layer after it dried.
  • After all that you would have to paint it grey/black. 
Reporters: Brooke Rabbidge and Crystal Lavery.


  1. What an enormous rock....big enough for a dragon to hide behind?!

  2. Hi there Room 5. Great blog you have........keep up the good work. Big hello to Briar. From Naomi and Jim in Australia